Oceans Don’t Fear the Sun

I deserve love.I deserve attention.I deserve affection. I deserve love.I deserve attachment.I deserve support. I deserve to be wanted.I am wanted.Just not recognized. Not recognized for being who I am.Not recognized for being what's wanted.Not recognized for being full of love. Full of love but not freely flowing love.Love that's guarded, sheltered, frozen.Love that's been … Continue reading Oceans Don’t Fear the Sun

Appointment with a Shaman

In the spring, I got a referral to a local counsellor, who is kind of a shaman. I had heard mixed reviews of her, and her waiting list was going to be rather long. I found a picture of her on the internet, a woman with curly black hair holding a drum. It took a … Continue reading Appointment with a Shaman

Why Therapy is Bad II: Scarcity of Emotional Support

Why Therapy is Bad Part I Just like school artificially restricts the supply of learning by telling would-be mentors that they're not qualified to teach, psychotherapy artificially restricts the supply of emotional support by telling us we're not qualified to … listen. Psychotherapy commodifies emotional support just like prostitution commodifies sexual relationships. But imagine if … Continue reading Why Therapy is Bad II: Scarcity of Emotional Support