Article Review: Humbleness and Forgiving

Article: This Trait Could Be Key to a Lasting Romance "We found that people who felt their partner or spouse was humble were more likely to forgive them following a hurtful situation." "[Being humble] means you can acknowledge mistakes … and identify areas for improvement." Forgiving helps to heal from a hurtful situation in a … Continue reading Article Review: Humbleness and Forgiving


Disclaimer: My other blog posts are me trying to convey how I view the world, my opinion, or takeaways from experiences I've had. My Letter posts are about expressing my emotions more directly, often what I feel least capable of communicating in everyday life, often from my worse states of mind. They are not representative … Continue reading Disclaimer


I had a working definition of addiction as something that "inefficiently satisfies an unmet need", with my definition of need being "anything that makes you healthier". With this definition, I identified myself as being addicted to my favourite video game; it partially satisfies my need for community, but would never fulfil it completely, being only … Continue reading Addiction